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Welcome to Escapes "Brow Bar"
With all treatments dedicated to Perfecting your Brows, you'll be able to find a treatment that suits your needs from a simple brow shape to the High Definition Brow Design, to the longer lasting Lola Brows or the Brow Perfect Brow extensions!

HD Brows £40.50
The UK's number one Brow Treatment! High Definition Brows have revolutionised eyebrow care to give everyone that extra look-good and more importantly feel-good factor. It's much more than just eyebrow shaping!

Every HD Brow treatment is tailored to every individual to give you a design unique to you. 

Brow Lamination 
For an instant lift or a correction of the brow shape

HD BrowSculpt £46.00
To achieve that "Brushed up" brow. A full shape/wax and tint is included 

Lola Long Lasting Brows is a unique salon treatment using semi-permanent colour to achieve three dimensional brows. Lola Brows can be applied onto existing hair and directly onto the skin. The treatment takes between 30-45 minutes with the colour and shape remaining water and smudge proof for up to 3 weeks. Lola Brows achieves a great finish and is the ideal treatment for those who like their eyebrows tinted, have gaps in their brow shape or want to have perfect brows all year round.

Ideal for holidays, so you don't have to take your brow pencil! £36.00

Brow Perfect is an innovative salon treatment for eyebrows.

Before the introduction of Brow Perfect, clients who had little or no brow hair, gaps in their brows, or simply uneven growth, would have to resort to make-up to create the illusion of shape and depth.

Brow Perfect gives us the opportunity to re-create depth and dimension to brows by applying individual brow hairs directly onto the skin or attached onto existing brows hairs for a more natural, but effective look!

Great for special occasions, can last up to two weeks.

Treatment 30-45 mins £38.00 - Recreate part or whole of a complete eyebrow where the hairs are not currently growing or are extremely sparse.

Eye brow shape (Waxed or Tweezed) £19.00
Eye brow shape with another treatment £12.00
Eye brow tint £20.00
Eye brow tint with another treatment £12.00

Eye brow tint & tidy £23.00