Electrical Facials


A lifting facial, tightening and firming the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving your skins texture and circulation and reducing puffiness around the eyes and crows feet, giving you that "healthy glow". Includes a luxury Anti-ageing Collagen mask.

Luxury Advanced Dermalift £51.00                                                                                    
Course of 10 recommended £430.00

Luxury Eye Treatment £27.00                                                                                         
Using the Non-Surgical Dermalift Specifically for the eye area, with a specialised eye mask. A course of 5+1 free is available.

SONOPEEL Ultrasonic Peeling & Regeneratig Treatment

Ultrasonic skin peeling & regeneration. An exciting aesthetic innovation that delivers extremely effective peeling and regenerative treatments that overcome the tell tale signs of ageing. Leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch and regenerates the revival of new skin tissue. It is a non aggresive treatment which clarifies the complexion, reducing blemishes, pigmentation marks, minimising scars, acne scaring and stretch marks. It will remove dead skin and dry skin from the face and body, improving lines and wrinkles. After SONOPEEL, facials just get better!

Facial Treatment - 45 mins  £35.00                                                                              
Deluxe Facial Treatment - 80 mins £50.00

Body Treatment - 60 mins (specific areas)  £45.00                                                                
Book a course of 5 and get 1 free