Matis Facials

Purely Perfect Cleansing Treatment £40.00 50 mins
The ideal treatment to regularly maintain the skin and keep a fresh and clear complexion. Matisebo system regulates sebum production, malic acid, grafted from oat protein, gives a softening targeted exfoliation to the skin whilst the yellow clay mask absorbs excess sebum and refines the pores. Suitable for any skin type.

Silky Soft Skin Treatment £45.00 45 mins
A soft chemical peel that creates a “new skin”. A targeted treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, imperfections and pigmentation. AHA’s of 12% including lactic, malic and pyruvic acid, along with BHA’s of 0.5% of salicylic acid, complete cell renewal, decreases wrinkle depth and improves skin hydration. Allantoin softens and heals the skin whilst liquorice and peppermint soothes irritation and redness. Suitable for any skin type.
Fresh Look Treatment £35.00 40 mins
Added on to any facial £17.50
A targeted and focused professional treatment dedicated to the eye contour area to revitalise, hydrate and smooth. Made with seaweed extracts of brown algae to regulate absorption of vitamins A, E and D and hyaluronic acid which can hold 1000 times its own weight in water to strengthen the environment of the cell. Suitable for any skin type including the most sensitive of eyes.
Hydration Source Treatment £60.00 75 mins
Effectively replenishes the skins water needs, regaining optimal hydration levels. Using a trio of vegetable butters, shea, mango and illipe, this treatment restores moisture and suppleness repairing damaged skins. Hyaluronic acid instantly plumps and gives the skin an intense thirst quenching action, cassia angustifolia, a plant polysaccharide, creates a film over the skin to lock in moisture. Perfect for a dull, dehydrated skin.
Nourishing Comfort Treatment £60.00 75 mins
A cocooning and replenishing treatment to intensively feed the skin to fight dryness and tightness due to climatic conditions. Using a trio of vegetable butters, shea, mango and illipe, this treatment will restore moisture and suppleness repairing damaged skins. Lipids protect the skins barrier function, restoring damaged skin by providing comfort and protection. Ideal for a dry, tight, irritated skin.
Soothing Delicate Treatment £65.00 75 mins
A comfort blanket for delicate skins which brings a calming and soothing effect, reducing redness and discomfort, combatting daily aggressions. Kudzu root works in the heart of the inflammation, soothing the skin, limiting the hypersensitivity of sensitive or reactive skins. Wild mango butter has regenerating and softening properties with a film forming and emollient effect to cocoon the skin.
Intense Purity Treatment £65.00 75 mins
A powerful treatment for mattifying, regulating and refining the skins texture, intended for oily skins to restore radiance and freshness. Using grapefruit which is an antiseptic and astringent to regenerate the epidermis and deep cleanse an oily skin. Basil leaves to heal and with it’s anti-oxidant properties this becomes extremely effective against the bacteria responsible for acne.
Radiance Light Treatment £70.00 80 mins
A treatment with powerful active ingredients for a flash of instantaneous light. The complexion is lightened, more unified and its appearance is brighter, edelweiss extracts possess anti-free radical and anti-oxidant properties, an effective defence against extreme climates. Seven alpine plants decrease melanin synthesis, fade pigmentation spots and provide a lightening and unifying effect.
Performance Correcting Treatment £70.00 80 mins
A professional treatment to correct wrinkles for a smoothed finish and a younger appearance giving that botulinum toxin effect “Botox effect”. Spirulina rich in amino acids and proteins prevents cellular ageing by accelerating cellular renewal, vitamins A and E increase collagen fibre activity and boosts firmness while hibiscus flower captures free radicals and neutralises them fighting against the signs of premature ageing.
Lifting Resculpting Treatment £70.00 80 mins
A technical treatment to bring out the cosmetic lifting effect without the surgery, revealing a plumped and toned appearance, the “cosmetic lift”. Inca inchi oil, rich in omega 3 and 6, ensures cell cohesion whilst maintaining water in the epidermis, it protects the skin by restoring the hydrolipidic film and jasmine regulates the skin whilst shea butter restores moisture and suppleness.
Intensive Densi-Age Treatment £75.00 90 mins
A unique experience for a global anti-ageing approach, stimulating regeneration, detoxifying and strengthening the skins cutaneous structure, the “scaffolding of the skin”. Glycolic acid bound with chicory gives a soft exfoliation whilst marine collagen and elastin reinforce the hydra-protective barrier helping to tone, smooth and maintain firmness, fighting against wrinkle formation.
Premium Active Caviar Treatment £80.00 90 mins
A thalassotherapy for devitalised skins which energises and remineralises any skin age or type. Pure caviar extracts rich in proteins boost cellular metabolism and its mineral content provides a restorative action. Agar agar, derived from red seaweed, allows caviar encapsulation to form into beads for a progressive infusion to the skin resulting in blurred ageing signs, recharged and hydrated skins.