Sports Massage

Unlike other forms of massage, Sports massage is used to treat specific problems caused by muscular tension. Problems such as headaches, frozen shoulders, pulled muscles, whiplash, rotator cuff, tennis elbow/golfers elbow, piriformis syndrome, sciatic problems, iliotibial band syndrome, ligament/tendon tightness, plantar fasciitis and other general injuries.

15 minute treatment (for specific injuries) £15.00

30 minute treatment £30.00

45 minute treatment £40.00

60 minute treatment £55.00

Performance Massage: £65.00, 90 minuets. This custom treatment is just what your body ordered. Discover the ultimate fusion of massage techniques designed to help align muscle tissue, restore potential and drive your next great performance.

Master Therapy Massage: £75.00, 120 minuets. A combination of manual therapy with movement and technique to evolve therapy and improve performance into a new hybrid of the whole body care. RELEASE, REBUILD & RETRAIN. Based on postural assessment, physical history and training goals, with online training included.